Hello! I want to tell you about myself, how I became a fitness trainer. This story is literally for one minute. Please read it to the end. And then I’m writing to you, telling you about training and nutrition, but I haven’t introduced myself. I will correct myself.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been looking for my destiny all the time. Something I can do with pleasure. I was engaged in interior design, my partner and I made forged furniture, flower stands, fireplace sets.
I don’t know how to forge myself, and neither did my friend, but that didn’t stop us. We knew those who do it well and were looking for those who might need it. Our office broke up quickly enough, but that didn’t stop me.

After some time, with another partner, we launched an online dance school. We shot about 500 video lessons on 8-10 dance directions. In a few months, about 40,000 users have registered on our portal.
The prospects for the development of the project were very large. But the fairy tale ended, the partnership fell apart, and I left the project. I wasn’t sad for long.

Next, I wanted to launch a sports newspaper, sew clothes, do video and 3d graphics. I was always looking for my vocation, what could hook me. What I can prove myself in.
One thing remained unchanged, no matter what I did, no matter what direction I was engaged in, I trained in the gym. From the age of 15 – 16, I started studying and did not give up this business anymore.

And here is the winter of 2013. I am developing my next project, an online store. I sell leather goods and manicure sets. Money is sorely lacking, and I get a job as a loader, 2 in 2 days. To be able to develop your store.
Working as a loader was one of the best practices in my life. For the most part, people are very arrogant, and they looked at me as a second-class person. Did it catch me? No, I didn’t care. I was developing the store!

It was in the winter of 2013 that I realized that what I was looking for was always there for me. Training, that’s it! I could study early in the morning or at night. Nothing stopped me, neither work, nor lack of time. I could always allocate 60-80 minutes 3 times a week for classes.

Personal Trainer

Continuing to work as a loader, developing an online store, I began to travel to New York and study at the Association of Fitness Professionals (FPA). An organization that trains fitness trainers. I also got a job as a trainer at a local online fitness club.

It was impossible to combine so many directions and work together. I quit my job as a loader. I decided to close the online store, despite the fact that it generated profit, but required a lot of time on my part.

I decided to focus on fitness, on conducting personal classes, and helping people achieve their goals. Do you know what happened next? I quit training for a fitness trainer.

I had to pass only 2 exams and get a certificate from the most respected organization in Russia. But I gave up everything for a reason I don’t understand.

It took me several months to realize the stupidity I had done. But as they say, there is no harm without good. I started learning anew. And I decided to become one of the best students of my stream.

I took a completely different approach to my FPA training for the second time. He passed all the tests and exams perfectly, received a certificate of an international fitness specialist.

Personal Fitness Trainer Certificate

After 2 years of training, he upgraded his qualifications to a master coach, and later to an elite coach. This is the highest stage.

In 2016, I opened my fitness studio, which I am developing to this day. I help people lose weight, strengthen their muscles, become stronger. I work with people who have intervertebral hernias, osteochondrosis, scoliosis and other problems.

The use of pilates

Now, I have launched a home fitness project Since I know that a lot of people are embarrassed to come to the gym, someone has very little time or simply cannot find a specialist nearby.

I want to show and tell you how you can just be in great physical shape doing at home. Without any additional equipment. Teach people this. Teach them to use their body and muscles. It’s really very simple.

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