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Friends, hello everyone! I’m sitting here thinking that I need to lose 4-5 kilograms of excess weight. It’s not that I’m completely fat, I’m just planning to hold a photo shoot in a month and a half, and I want to approach it in an optimal form for myself.

lose 4-5 kilograms

I wouldn’t load you with all this information at all, about my upcoming transformation and photo shoot in June. I just quietly dropped my excess fat, but then I remembered that a year ago, I did an online course that is dedicated to weight loss and muscle strengthening at home.

It is more relevant than ever, given the reality of May 2022, when all sports centers and parks are locked up.

I even conducted two streams on my program, got very cool results with people, but then I stopped running this program. In fact, the course I wrote is much deeper and broader than the banal weight loss.

Losing weight is an extremely simple task, you perform certain steps – you get the desired result. Everything is predictable, there is no intrigue. Having a beautiful and attractive body is easy, it is available to everyone, regardless of age and level of physical fitness.

You just need to plow, as everywhere else, in any business. But few people are ready for this. Sitting and doing nothing is much easier. That’s right – the human body always strives to save energy.

I still consider the “Body Architect” program, which I wrote a year ago, one of the simplest and most detailed online courses on the Spain–language Internet, which helps to form the right habits and transform the body – to lose weight, strengthen muscles, improve your well-being by studying at home or on the street.

Starting from May 12, I will personally, from cover to cover, go through my program again. I will follow my template, which I once wrote for the transformation of the body. My weight is 81-82 kilograms, I plan to reduce it to 76-77, I don’t want to go lower, because I will have to part with muscles, not fat, and I don’t want to do that.

I thought maybe now, some of you will also want to improve your appearance a little, remove your stomach, tighten your sides, strengthen your muscles, become stronger, more resilient, and just more attractive and like yourself more.

Perhaps someone lacks discipline, motivation, a friendly kick, and control from the outside.
If you have stayed too long and feel that it’s time to start changing, I invite you to go through the Body Architect program with me and in 4-6 weeks see your new body in the reflection.
We will have a super detailed home step-by-step plan of what and how to do. Just do it, and get a deliberately predictable result. All information is structured and laid out on shelves.
We will have a team of like-minded people with whom it will just be more fun and productive to go through all this.
You will have me, who will also cook in this program, and achieve the goal, on a par with other people.

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