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Why you need a fitness trainer — your personal training is under control

It’s 2003 or 2004, I don’t remember anymore, then I was in grade 10, and now, on the seventh day to the row, I trudge to the gym, I had enough strength to do exactly one approach to the press. I remember I raised my skinny body, about twelve times, and that was the end of my lesson.

At that time, such a thing as personal training was just gaining momentum, there were very few fitness trainers, and they were somewhere in the capital. But there were plenty of self-taught advisers who handed out their recommendations to everyone. It is now that I understand that their advice was crooked, the exercise technique that the older comrades showed was crooked, I am generally silent about the training methodology – it was absent.

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But then, I listened to every word – 6 sets of bench presses lying on a horizontal bench, 6 sets lying on an inclined bench, 6 sets for bringing hands together with dumbbells, 5 sets of push-ups from the floor, if you know how to do push-ups on the uneven bars, 4 or 5 more approaches were added – this was the approximate plan for the pectoral muscles. I would kill now for such advice! I’m kidding =) but I would have kicked!

Since then, many of those who started to study with me have long abandoned this business, many have been injured (hernias, protrusions, osteochondrosis, knee and lower back pain). How I didn’t ruin my health at that time remains a mystery to me. I had every chance to do that.

Why do I need a personal fitness trainer

A personal fitness trainer is needed at least in order to reduce the risk of injury in the gym. Every day I see the same picture of how women and men slowly but surely destroy their musculoskeletal system, doing exercises in any way, but not in a way that is safe and beneficial for the body.

There is such a thing as a cumulative injury, consisting of many microtraumas that are repeatedly inflicted by a person unknowingly during training. Such microtraumas are layered on top of each other and here’s a hello protrusion. That’s such a terrible story. I don’t want to scare anyone, I’m just warning you.

As a rule, personal training is mainly used by the female half. The men know everything themselves, well, why is it difficult to do arm flexion, with a barbell standing, so that the biceps would grow. Or they press, as if enchanted, a barbell with a narrow grip, allegedly on the triceps muscle of the shoulder, because it is written in a fashionable fitness magazine with a star on the cover. Seriously, read this advice as an example, just don’t try to do it!

Try to eat a plate of soup with a leaky spoon, maybe it will work, but how much hemorrhoids this procedure will deliver. So, men are much more likely to eat soup with leaky spoons, turning a blind eye to the fact that their tool is not suitable for eating at all. Actually, like training, the vast majority are more like chaotic execution of a set of exercises, without any logic and progression.

Not knowing the methods of fitness training does not exempt from responsibility. Or rather, it leads to a lack of results and trampling on the spot. On the other hand, as my teacher said, joints work during training – this is already good, this is no longer any, but it is useful. If this is enough for a person, then he definitely does not need a coach.

A fitness trainer has many goals and objectives, but the main one is to train, to help achieve the goal set by a person. Sometimes, I feel like a cerberus who constantly pushes and motivates a person to believe in himself, to do a little more than planned. On the other hand, it is necessary to constantly monitor the well-being of a person, the reaction of his body to the proposed loads and not to overdo it, driving the client into my plans is definitely not included.

Most of the people are engaged in order to improve their health and improve their appearance, but not in order to set records, and this is what you need to proceed from, drawing up a training plan and the attached loads. First health – and only then everything else, this is my iron rule.

Training in the fitness room at the limit

There was a time when I was just starting to train people, I was doing very tough classes, a lot of sweat, working at the limit, crazy pace. Many fitness trainers have passed through this path, and many get stuck in it, alas, out of ignorance. There is a big stereotype in the minds of the coaches of their clients, just visitors to the halls, that a good workout is a workout at the maximum of possibilities, at its limit.

Is it so? Of course not, certainly not always, but rather as an exception. Swollen veins and red eyes from pressure vessels bursting in them may add brutality to the appearance, but certainly not health, for which most of the people came.

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