EBFA Global Mentorship - Europe 2018

Join EBFA Global Founder Dr Emily for this two-day event that is focused on the future of fascial fitness, barefoot science and human movement as it relates to brain, breath and barefoot.

To celebrate our 6 years in the industry it is time for EBFA to get a facelift and rebrand our education to reflect our innovative approach towards human movement and movement dysfunction.

50-60 Southhampton Row
London, UK WC1B 4AR

Saturday, January 20, 2018

One-day intensive with Dr Emily Splichal including interactive discussions and lectures on emotional intelligence, barefoot science and brain plasticity, proprioception training and sensory sequencing. This will take your concept of barefoot training to a much more hollistic and functional approach. We are complex beings that include emotion, fascia, hormones, inflammation - all of which must be considered in our patient and client programming.


8am - 830am


830am -10am

Science of the Somatosensory System | Sensory Sequencing with Dr Emily Splichal

From mechanoceptors to proprioceptors all human movement is controlled by the quantity and quality of sensory stimulation. Join Dr Emily as she explores the science of sensory sequencing and afferent stimulation as it relates to motor control and cognitive development. This session will empower all movement specialists with the language and specificity of the human somatosensory system.

10am - 1015am


1015am - 12pm

Interoception | The Other Side of Fascial Fitness with Dr Emily Splichal

Mind body awareness is more complex than just kinesthetic and proprioceptive awareness. Research shows that we also have an emotional side to body awareness called interoception. Interoception or the emotional side of body awareness is actually linked to our myofascial system and makes up 80% of the peripheral nerves found in our fascia. Join Dr Emily as she explores the emotional side to fascial fitness programs and how to important this information is to all health and movement specialists.

12pm - 1pm


1pm - 2pm

Integrating Foot & Hip Function with Paul Edmondson of Gray Institute

A fully functional and optimally performing hip is predicated on the success of the foot, and vice versa is also a truth of Optimal human success. Learn how they work in synergy during gait, how there respective Sensory Receptors (Proprioceptors) depend hugely upon information from each other, learn how to analyse, restore and maintain full function of Hip health. We will discuss/demonstrate a local (direct hip strategies to aid success in motion) building into a Global (integrated- Hip to Foot- and up on into T-Spine) movement system that teaches the Hip and Feet to synergise in all things Functional.

2pm - 3pm

Neurodevelopmental Sensory Integration Disorders and Adult Motor Dysfunctions with Dr Federico Luzi

Join Dr Luzi of Italy as he explores the application of medicine and osteopathy in healing those with sensory processing and motor dysfunction.

3pm - 330pm


330pm - 5pm

Homeostasis Theory in Movement with Dr Emily Splichal

Homeostasis refers to the body's need to reach and maintain a certain state of equilibrium. Join Podiatrist & Human Movement Specialist Dr Emily as she explores the concept of homeostasis from an evolutionary and developmental perspective. Learn from Dr Emily's unique perspective of movement dysfunction and how she uses the concept of safety, sensory sequencing and neurofeedback to address patients with chronic pain.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Join global leaders in fascial fitness and human movement including Dr Robert Schleip, James Earls, Gary Ward and Dr Emily Splichal as they explore their unique perspectives on the evolution of bipedalism as it relates to fascia, biomechanics and neuroscience.

To see the full schedule of Day 2 Feet Fascia Summit please click HERE

Registration Fee: $500 USD

The two day mentorship includes the Feet, Fascia and Functional Movement Summit!

***Attendees of the EBFA Mentorship must be at least a BTS Level 1 or BRX Level 1 Certified. If you are not yet certified we offer ONLINE trainings at www.ebfaonline.com***