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The decision to become a BARE® Workout Instructor is the first step towards joining our community of in-demand health and fitness professionals from around the world who have a solid understanding of foot function and barefoot science.

Created by Podiatrist & Human Movement Specialist, Dr Emily Splichal BARE® is the only workout that combines the benefits of barefoot science and balance training for one intense workout!

BARE® is the only barefoot balance training workout that is uniquely designed to improve balance, hip strength and core endurance. Through progressive barefoot balance sequences, jumps and triplanar movements, BARE® will burn, tone and define.

One of the hottest buzzwords currently in the health and fitness industry is "barefoot training". As we explore the benefits of working-out sans footwear we must ask ourselves "Why?"

Why train barefoot when shoes seem to provide the support and shock absorption needed for optimal performance?

The answer to this question lies in the function of the human foot and the power behind from the ground up™ programming.

BARE® is the only workout that integrates barefoot training with balance training into one unique, effective and fun workout!

Created by Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist Dr Emily Splichal, BARE® will change the way you look at barefoot training and single leg exercises. This workout will cover basics to designing a barefoot balance workout with progressions that will challenge dynamic stabilization, foot and glute strength and cardiovascular endurance.

  • Increase your income potential by teaching the only workout that combines barefoot training and barefoot balance principles
  • Promote yourself as a barefoot fitness specialist in this niche market. You will be able to market your class to barefoot running clubs and health clubs.
  • Get listed on the EBFA "Find a BARE® Instructor" page to improve your local & national exposure
  • Get access to the Evidence Based Fitness Academy Online Portal for the latest in barefoot training research, case studies and discussions with other health and fitness professionals

BARE® Certification Registration Fee: $200
(includes manual, DVD, examination, Barefoot Strong® tank) 

6 Hour Instructor Training

  • ACE 0.6
  • AFAA 4.75
  • NASM 0.6

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While anyone is welcome to attend any of our educational workshops, there are certain requirements for becoming a Certified BARE® Instructor

  1. Candidate must hold a current, Nationally-Accredited (NCAA) Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Certification or hold an advanced degree such as ATC, LMT, MS, DPT, DC, DPM, MD
  2. Candidate must attend a BARE® Workout Certification Workshop
  3. Candidate must pass the BARE® Workout Certification Exam. BARE® Workout Certification Exam is a 35 question/50 point online exam.
  4. Candidate will have 2 attempts and must have a passing score of at least 70%

For any questions on the BARE® Workout Certification requirements or examination process please contact:

In April 2012, I attended Dr. Emily's Foot & Ankle Level 1 Workshop. It was amazing. I learned a ton that was immediately applicable to the therapeutic ends I was working on with a number of different clients. Having been a high level athlete my whole life, I had my own share of lower leg issues I'd been trying to overcome for a number of years. I worked diligently on implementing and applying the information learned from Dr. Emily and I noticed incredible results myself.

When I learned that she would be back to our studio in September for a Barefoot Training Specialist® Workshop, I was ecstatic. We took much of what we had covered in April and applied it directly to program design. What was most helpful for me was the "foot typing", or the labeling and identification of various foot and ankle alignment patterns and how those patterns determine discrepancies and imbalances in muscles above the foot and ankle.

She did a superb job of presenting difficult topic matter and delivered us fantastic correctives for the case studies we observed. I'm so thankful to have taken the Barefoot training workshop and look for future opportunities to learn from EBFA! Thanks to Dr. Emily and her staff for having such a great product!

- R.O. Boulder, Colorado, USA

I first saw Dr. Emily at a presentation at Midest Mania in 2010. The material she presented was really interesting and she did an excellent job of presenting. I had some personal questions after the seminar with a foot injury I have been dealing with. I emailed her the questions and she got back to me RIGHT away with suggestions.

I was so excited when she did her Barefoot Training Specialist® Workshop in Chicago and I loved attending another seminar of hers. It is easy to see how passionate Dr Emily is about barefoot training and how much she wants to help people. She is a very talented Doctor, and the courses she teaches are extremely helpful to anyone looking to find more information about foot function.

- L.G. Chicago, Illinois, USA

One of the BEST courses I have taken in my over 25 years of attending education, in fitness. Not only was the information fascinating, smart and practical, Dr. Emily Splichal was so engaging and had an entertaining personality.

I cannot speak enough great things about her education! Thank you Dr Emily!!!

- E.A. Seattle, Washington, USA

The Barefoot Training Specialist® Workshop is the only one of its type I’ve taken anywhere—and I’ve taken many. Without a basic understanding of the foot and ankle, no trainer is even close to complete when it comes to troubleshooting dysfunctions of the body.

To say I was excited at what I learned from the Barefoot Training Specialist® Workshop is an understatement. In my research I often come across studies about the knees and hip, or about the feet and knees, but I have yet to find a more completely integrated approach by a “conventional” practitioner than what Dr. Splichal has begun. She is the first clinician I know who has begun the process of tying the trunk to the pelvis to the knees to the ankles and feet, and I applaud her foresight and tireless enthusiasm.

Thanks for your work Dr. Splichal!

- A.R. Yucaipa, California, USA

BARE® Class Schedule

Location Day of the Week Time BARE® Instructor


Blackhawk (Danville)- Crunch Thursday 10:00 am Liz Fichtner
Los Angeles: Sunset- Crunch Thursday 8:00 am Ayanna C
Redwood City- Crunch Wednesday 12:30 pm Morganna H
Redwood City- Crunch Sunday 9:00 am Ann F
San Francisco: Embarcadero- Crunch Sunday 9:30 am Michael Lewis
San Francisco: New Montgomery- Crunch Wednesday 1:00 pm Jeanne Floresca
San Mateo- Crunch Thursday 10:00 am Tony C


Miami: Washington Ave - Crunch Wednesday 7:15pm Luis C.

New York

E. 34th St- Crunch Sunday 11:00 am Dr Emily Splichal
E. 34th St- Crunch Monday 6:15 pm Dr Emily Splichal
W. 38th St- Crunch Wednesday 5:30 pm Deborah Horton
E. 59th St- Crunch Saturday 11:30 am Deborah Horton
90 John St- Crunch Tuesday 5:30 pm Marci Occhino
Chelsea- Crunch Tuesday 12:00 pm Carol Johnson
Hoboken - Crunch Monday 6:00pm   Justin Flexen
Hoboken - Crunch Tuesday 10:15am Dr Emily Splichal 
Park Slope - Crunch Wednesday 6:00pm Michelle Williams
Union Square Thursday 8:30am Dr Emily Splichal 

Washington D.C.

Chevy Chase- Crunch Monday 5:30 pm Kellee Charles
Metro Center- Crunch Tuesday 1:00 pm Jen Young

One of the hottest buzzwords currently in the health and fitness industry is "barefoot training". When we hear the words "barefoot training" most people immediately think about barefoot running and/or minimalist footwear.

What if I told you that the benefits and power behind barefoot science far exceeds running or walking barefoot or in minimalist shoes?

The Evidence Based Fitness Academy is an educational institution that is dedicated to changing the way the health and fitness industry look at foot & ankle function, human movement and barefoot science.

Our BARE® Workout is the only workout that combines the benefits of barefoot training with balance training - making one unique, effective and fun workout!

Learn how barefoot balance training can change foot structure, improve neuromuscular activation patterns and reinforce integrated movement patterns of the lower extremity.

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