BAREHand Workshop

BAREhand Workshop

The hand is a highly developed and complex grasping and sensory organ, it is able of gross and fine motor skills. The human beings use the hands to perceive themselves through specific sensory and tactile functions.

Join EBFA Master Instructor Dr Federico Luzi for the newest education under EBFA Global.

Principle Fitness & Pilates
2160 N Alma School Rd, Suite 122
Chandler, AZ 85224

Saturday January 12, 2019
9am - 5pm


With 27 bones, 36 joints and 39 active muscles, hands have to coordinate all these structures to explore a wide range of gross and fine motor capabilities as playing a musical instrument or lifting heavy weights. Join Dr Federico Luzi as he explores functional anatomy and biomechanics of the human hand, haptic science and neuro connections of the hand, and corrective strategies to prevent and rehab the most common hand pathologies and dysfunctions.