Barefoot Rehab Certification
for Health & Fitness Professionals


BarefootRx® Rehab Specialist Level 1 - (14 hours) - $425 USD

As the foundation to all EBFA education the BarefootRx® Rehab Specialist Level 1 Certification sets the foundation for advanced concepts in proprioceptive science, reflexive stabilization and fascial integration as it relates to injury prevention and patient rehab.

With the foot as the only contact point between the body and the ground, this complex structure plays a critical role in the way in which our body stabilizes and reacts during any closed chain movement - and therefore must be integrated into all patient rehab programming.

In ths Level 1 Certification get ready to explore the human foot from a neuromuscular, biomechanical and integrated perspective. The application and integration of BarefootRx® Rehab concepts far exceeds that of simply foot related injury but rather apply to every aspect of human movement, rehab and injury prevention.

Learn concepts including:

  • Foot to core sequencing via pre-activation responses and somatosensory stimulation
  • Biomechanical influences which impact reflexive stabiliziation of the foot
  • Open chain & closed chain foot assessments
  • Foot function via fascial lines and fascial tensegrity
  • + more!

BarefootRx® Rehab Specialist Level 2 - (14 hours) - $425 USD

Further challenge your concept of from the ground up rehab and foot to core sequencing with the BarefootRx® Level 2 Certification. In this Level 2 Certification we will expand the concept of from the ground up reflexive stabilizaiton with the transfer of impact forces and movement efficiency as it relates to human locomotion.

All attendees will learn how the foot and nervous system must be developed to anticipate the ground and impact fores associated with dynamic movement. Learn the evolution of human locomotion, how this subconsious movement pattern is the baseline to functional movement and is a powerful tool for all professionals assessment toolbox.

Learn concepts including:

  • Advanced foot biomechanics & fascial line function
  • Phases of the walking gait cycle & gait assessment
  • Lumbar lordosis & the spinal engine in locomotion
  • Evolution of human foot & bipedalism
  • + more!

The decision to become a BarefootRx® Rehab Specialist is the first step towards joining our community of in-demand health professionals from around the world who have a solid understanding of foot function and barefoot science as it relates to rehab and injury prevention.

Movement Specialists - With the foot as the foundation to human movement, many movement dysfunctions treated by movement specialists integrate the foot.

By understanding and implementing barefoot science and from the ground up™ corrective exercise techniques, movement specialists will be able to confidently address all movement dysfunctions.

Physical Therapists, Podiatrists & Chiropractors - Evidence supports corrective exercise techniques using barefoot training as a powerful aid for patients with ACL injuries, low back pain, ankle instability, SI joint dysfunction, hip labrum injuries, and several other lower extremity imbalances.

Explore how barefoot science and from the ground up™ rehab can enhance the timing of muscle activation patterns and how this directly relates to the prevention of hip, knee, & foot injuries.

BarefootRx® Rehab Specialist Level 1 - (14 hours) - $425 USD

(includes digital manual, Barefoot Strong book, certification exam, Barefoot Strong t-shirt)

  • ACE 1.4
  • AFAA 14
  • NASM 1.2
  • PTA Global 1.4

BarefootRx® Rehab Specialist Level 2 - (14 hours) - $425 USD

(includes manual, Barefoot Strong t-shirt, certification exam)

  • ACE 1.4
  • AFAA 14
  • NASM 1.2
  • Ontario Kinesiology
  • Canada Massage Therapists

One of the hottest buzzwords currently in the health and fitness industry is "barefoot training". When we hear the words "barefoot training" most people immediately think about barefoot running and/or minimalist footwear.

What if I told you that the benefits and power behind barefoot science far exceeds running or walking barefoot or in minimalist shoes?

The Evidence Based Fitness Academy is an educational institution that is dedicated to changing the way the health and fitness industry look at foot & ankle function, human movement and barefoot science.

Our BarefootRx® Rehab Specialist Program is designed to present the latest research in barefoot science as it relates to restoring foot function, muscle activation patterns and injury prevention.

Learn how barefoot training can change foot structure, improve neuromuscular activation patterns and reinforce integrated movement patterns of the lower extremity.

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Completing the BRx Program was like opening a whole new window into the world of human movement. Ever since BRx, I have become an avid observer of the feet and ankles - and understand that foot type can have a big impact on the risks and benefits of different exercise prescriptions

- A.R., California, USA

I would highly recommend Dr Emily's barefoot training courses to any health and fitness professional. I learnt a huge amount about integrated foot biomechanics and how the foot can have a global effect on how the rest of the body functions. I have found the content immediately applicable to my chiropractic practice and have been getting great results with patients who have started using the barefoot exercises in their pre/rehabs. Thanks QPEC for bringing such a great presenter to Brisbane.

- Miki H - Brisbane, QLD

The 'Evidence Based Bare Foot Workshop' exceeded expectations. A great mix of science, practical assessments and corrective strategies. Emily's passion and energy is inspiring and makes the two days an enjoyable plus highly beneficial experience. A great investment for any trainer who wants to take their business to the next level. I highly recommend it!

- Aaron Callaghan - New Zealand

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