Feet, Fascia & Functional Movement Summit - London U.K. 2018

50-60 Southhampton Row
London, UK

Registration Fee: $300 USD

730am - 8am

Regsitration / Check-In

8am - 10am

Current Trends in Fascial Research with Dr Robert Schleip

Join Dr Robert Schleip as he explores the latest science from connective tissue research and how these findings apply to sports and movement professionals.

10am - 1030am


1030am - 1230pm

Fascial Applications of the Flow Motion Model with Gary Ward

Join Gary Ward as he explores his Flow Motion Model as it relates to human locomotion. By understanding the dynamic relationships that take place in motion will allow professionals to truly help patients, clients and athletes.

1230pm - 130pm

Lunch & Panel Discussion with Presenters

130pm - 330pm

Born to Walk : Fascial Lines in Motion with James Earls

330pm - 4pm


4pm - 6pm

Evolution of Cognition through Barefoot Bipedalism with Dr Emily Splichal

Join Dr Emily Splichal as she explores how the evolutional changes that occured in the human foot and fascial system paralleled development of the neocortex and higher cognitive processing forever linking the power of barefoot stimulation of brain function.